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Gw2goldtaker.com predicts: Games can freely transform among different platforms

  Games' growth in the mobile platform is quickly recently, with more and more games made success in mobile game, a lot of games companies turn to develop its mobile games now.

  Gw2goldtaker.com predicts that mobile games are the main trend of games in the coming years, and all games will go to the road to transformation platforms freely among mobile games, online games and console games. That's to say. Players can play the same game on all kinds of platforms.

  Connect the mobile platform with the Facebook platform, all players can continue their game anytime and anywhere, and won't miss any progress at all. Players can play games on their mobile phones, and they can also play through the Facebook platform in the office. PC and pad are available to continue playing the same game when they are getting out of work.

  For business perspective, providing multi-platform gaming experience of opportunities can increase the game time of our players, and can increase them back to the game frequency. That'll probably greatly improve the retention rate and the operating rate.

  For example, if you are a Guild Wars 2 player, once the free transform available. Players can play it in their personal computer or on facebook. They may also play it on their pad or mobile phone. Trading Guild Wars 2 gold or items and plays the game anywhere.

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