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Gw2goldtaker.com Professional Gamer is answering your questions about GW2

  We are here shown a guide to answer various questions about Guild Wars 2, and will introduce the unusual game mode in the game.

  Create Character

  1. Carefully choose the answer to the question

  Unlike other MMOs, the answer you select in the process of creating game characters will affect your game experience. Generally, you were asked four questions;

  The first question determines your initial equipment, but it is not very important. But three questions behind will determine your personal story is specifically settled in the race before you are in 30 levels.

  2. The main meaning of the world

  The main world is the place to save your role.

  All creating roles will be saved in a server setting by an account, which is called the primary server. Click transfer options can change the main world, and it is chargeable.

  If you want change to other servers to play free, there is a guest mode, click gusting options to visit other servers, and then you'll allow playing with friends in the other server.

  3. What is the map of overflow?

  If a map in the main world was full, you will be transferred to the overflow map, and you be offered an option to queue in the map of the world.

  Travel and map features

  4. The role of races is different between my friends and me, how are we going to meet and adventure together in game?

  In the same world, it is easy to meet your friend through the following steps.

  First of all, make sure you have already completed the initial maxillofacial and were sent to the initial area. Once you complete these, press the "H" key to open your hero screen. On the final option box (PVP), there is an option to "Go to the Mists". Select it, and then you will be sent to PVP.

  Once you are in the initial area of PVP, go north to the Hall of Memories, you'll reach the top on the steps of the hall, and then came to the Asura gate.

  Once you came to the Hall of Memories, there is a purple/pink and white Asura gate in your left, go through it and you will come to a city of Lion's Arch. Enter the Lion's Arch, you will be in Fort Marriner, goes to the north Grand Piazza. There are portals which go to different cities. Each race has a portal (the pink circles on the map), enter the portal into the birthplace of all RACES.

  Have you got it? Maybe there may happen with something wrong, just ask your questions in our feedback, we're glad to answer any questions for you.

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