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Gw2goldtaker.com promise to keep Guild Wars 2 price steadies

  Antonio Rice       05/04/13

  New York- When asked about the question of “Will you increase the price of Guild Wars 2 gold in Gw2goldtaker.com with the international Guild Wars 2 gold supply tension?” Senior customer manager Ben Simmons gives us a promise that they will never put the price high.

  Price is an important part for players taken into account during they are playing a game online. In fact, Guild Wars 2 online has won almost 5 billion players from its first release. And now, with more changes have done and the new contents added into the game, this game now is very popular.

  But the supply of Guild Wars 2 gold is come to a deadlock because of lacking. So many gold sellers have put their price up except the Gw2goldtaker.com.

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