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Gw2goldtaker.com reports: Mobile games profit 80% higher than online games

  Recently, data from the related industries shows that the profits of mobile games are 80% higher than online games. What makes this kind of profit differentials?

  Now is the age of mobile games, a report from gw2goldtaker.com showed that there are 5.6 million mobile users in US, which is more than the users of computers’. And players of mobile games are higher than these in the computer.

  Online games facing a situation of costs rose sharply and users loss fast. But how to make the growth of online games get a high level? That's a question.

  First of all, the barriers for mobile games to entry are relatively low. A good mobile game doesn't need an investment into a lot of manual labors and material resources to develop as an online game. Only a few people on the team will be able to finish the preliminary development within 3 months. Of course, the quality of the product will gradually improve a long time.

  Secondly, mobile games' market has a shorter return cycle. Excepting the r&d time, the users (smart phone owners) of mobile games are relatively have a stronger paying ability. Take Guild Wars 2 for example, players would rather to pay for the Guild Wars 2 gold by phone than a computer. It is convenient for them to play and buy items.

  Third, mobile games' customer loyalty is higher than online games. A high quality mobile games will attract most of their players come to play it the next day, while it is hard for the online games. Mobile Games' customer loyalty is relatively higher, because the client will cost much for users to uninstall or change the game.

  At last, mobile games are still in the development, the users are in constant growth; demand for all kinds of products is far from saturated.

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