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Gw2goldtaker.com: Service is the best way of marketing

  Nowadays, the Internet communication environment has changes a lot. People's needs and interests are demonstrated in two dimensions of time and space. And enterprise marketing is also become competitive.

  The Vice-President of Sales Gary Robinson says: "Service is the best marketing way."

  Search engine technology, social media environment and the rapid development of large data make great changes in Internet communication environment. User has to accept the enterprise publicity passively before, but now they can share the experience through the face book, twitter, SNS and other social media. Referring to this, we have to do data analysis, push a fixed-point promotion according to the personalized needs of each consumer, offering more accurate and more suited information for each consumer. 

  Yeah, if the buyers found that the price of Guild Wars 2 gold in Gw2goldtaker.com is the cheapest, but the service received is more over what they expected, then they will like to share information with their friends. At present, there are 70% of our new users are came from the recommended of old customers.

  So the first and most important thing for doing a better marketing is to offer the best service.

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