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Gw2goldtaker.com share decline in the U.S. Internet search market

  Market research firm Goldstar Inc. shows that according to data from April, Guild Wars 2 gold in the U.S. Internet search market has losses some browses in the market share, while the Gw2goldtaker.com is still in the top of the Google rank with the keyword of Guild Wars 2 gold.

  In April gw2goldtaker.com companies' market share in the U.S. Internet search market rose slightly by 0.6%, and gets to 66.5%. As of the end of April, the market share of topgw2gold.com rose 0.4%, to 17.3%, ranked second.

  In April, U.S. Internet users search queries 20 billion times by the word of "Guild Wars 2 gold", 18.36 billion times higher than in March. Among them, the Gw2goldtaker.com visitors are getting to 13.3 billion, and win the lead position again.

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