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Gw2goldtaker.com wants to hire more women in the sales department

  Gw2goldtaker.com is a company designed on offering the cheapest and fastest Guild Wars 2 gold all over the world.

  Due to some new games came out, Guild Wars 2 has lost some players at this time. And sales of Guild Wars 2 gold are also declined following the game users loss.

  So it is urgent for the company to make some changes to increase the sales of Guild Wars 2 gold.

  To make good sales in the US, the company is considering adding several employees to the sales department. Sales manager Felicia Miller said that:" we hope to hire more women in our sales department, and all these employees will have a professional training before they start to work. And what we do this is to ensure that our department did not end up with all male, women may do something better than male in sale department."

  And we will make sure that all women are interested in the sale, and skilled in communicating with others. Because working in the sales department, you first should be patient to talk with our customers and can help our customers solving problems for the first time. And a good voice and polite is necessary when you introduce new items to our customers. What's more, a stable personality and a high sense of responsibility are desirable.

  It's been a good start for the women working in the sales department, because of gw2goldtaker.com focus on offering the best customer service and cheapest Guild Wars 2 gold to our customers. Saleswomen can gain achievement by did a good job in their career. And in the company, no matter you are male or female. Results will tell all, and we hope gw2goldtaker.com gets a perfect sale in the future.

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