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Gw2goldtaker.com wants to steer the mobile games industry in New Direction

  A virtual trading company may not be strange for most of us, especially for these online games players who always buy virtual game gold or items online.

  Gw2goldtaker.com is a Guild Wars 2 gold trading company which providing the completed game goods and service for players. It has gained large amount revenue from the games industry, but now they are planning to turn to another business of mobile games.

  Gw2goldtaker.com reported that online games are going to saturation. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to play the game by phone. And we believe that mobile games will be a trend several years later.

  Gw2goldtaker.com was able to raise $5 million in research and develop the new mobile games platform adapts to the Android, Microsoft system. And they are plans to draw in the major market in the areas.

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