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Gwgoldtaker.com CEO Alan Taylor: We can be an International company

  The CEO of gw2goldtaker.com, Alan Taylor has made a statement that the company will be an international company in the end of this year.

  Gw2goldtaker.com is a six year online game gold trading company based in New York. It has grown faster than any companies in the gold industry, and revenue of $100 billion, the company is now wanting to public by the end of this year and become an international company of trading Guild Wars 2 gold.

  The companies' vision is to become a global commerce company such as the Amazon or eBay in the United States. Instead of selling Guild Wars 2 gold at retail, the company wants to build a platform of all kinds of gold and items. And will give a place for players to buy discounts items on a perfect service wherever you are.

  Gw2goldtaker.com earned about $100 billion in revenue last year. And Alan Taylor believes the company can gain $200 billion this year, and actually the company has done a good job in the power leveling.

  Despite it has gained a certain success in US and European market, gw2goldtaker.com is still growing its revenue from China and Korea, which are the two games countries.

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