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Have a look at Guild Wars 2 ECG - European Cosplay Gathering

  Have a look at Guild Wars 2 ECG - European Cosplay Gathering

  Guild Wars 2 European Cosplay Gathering was held yesterday, and many Guild Wars 2 players have taken part in this event. All of them have a chance to put on their favorite clothes show at there.

  Among these cosplays, Liza and Sophie for their portrayal of Caithe and Faolain at the European Cosplay Gathering have won the Netherlands at the ECG Finals. Liza and Sophie, Guild Wars 2 funs and like to cosplay for some special roles.

  Let have a look at the below picture:

  Is it amazing? And the two were amazing on stage! It was a beautiful and heartbreaking act in the ECG.

  And they have won a great praise from players all over the world. Beautiful Cosplay! Even some players do not realize it was a cosplay, they thought it was a picture at first. Some players even hope that if caithe falls to nightmare when next dragon becomes available, that will be awesome.....and we can learn more about the histories of the seed and porpose that ventari and co found that spawned the pale tree.

  Yeah, for most of the players, they would rather spend much money on paying for Guild Wars 2 gold to play in game than buying some clothes to cosplay. Because they think it is a waste to buy some clothes to cosplay only for once.

  As for me, I also like to buy some clothes special to cosplay, and I always take part in the cosplay show to make friends and have a good time. Usually, there will be a prize given to the best costume which has done a great job here, and the prize always worth of 100-200 dollars. Even though that's not a large number of money, the fun we get from this activity can not judged by the money.

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