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Followed with Flame & Frost: Retribution, some items are listed in the Black Lion Trading Company for sale. 

Starter kit used to create custom arenas and time tokens will allow you to add more time to your custom arena rental or to someone else's if you wish to help support the players you enjoy watching and/or tournaments that you enjoy playing in our watching.

Some exciting new goodies are listed here to bust out your gem cards and grab your Guild Wars 2 gold. Whether you're looking to add to your plush backpack collection, or just want to channel your inner-mole with the Sonic Tunneling Toy, you'll never want to leave town to use any of the four new weapon skins that will be available for a limited time. Yes, you can finally wear Rox's quiver. Rangers rejoice!

Choose some items here to match your role, and you will see your new mix character.  

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