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How does Guild Wars 2 compare to other MMOs Games?

  Guild Wars 2 is a MMO game that differentiates itself from other MMOs games. Rather than other games that this game is seems to be lovelier with the real virtual world and all kinds of new contents. Guild Wars 2 shows us a world of Tyria, and all the stories were all happened in this world of 250 years ago.

  Players can explore everywhere in the map, and they can also select the character which they like best to act as. Players can enter a living story and to breath the fantasy world.

  It defines the future of online role-playing games with action-oriented combat, customized personal storylines, epic dynamic events, world-class PvP, and so on...

  Thousands of dynamic events are constantly changing and added into the living stories. Players can enter into any living store to have a try! Different progressions are the relative skills and equipment; players can buy some Guild Wars 2 gold or items to make their weapons and arms stronger, so that they can get a higher level in a short time.

  All stories are your own, and each player can get a unique experience in the game, you can make your own selection in the game, and no one has the exact same experience as you.

  Some games like World of Warcraft, it doesn't have so much content to update all the time. And the story of the World of Warcraft is all different. WOW has divided into two great hostile camps of the alliance and the horde, on the one hand, it has inherited the setting of the World of Warcraft, and on the other hand it has strengthened the PVP conflict between players.

  But because of the game update content has paid more concentrating on the PVE and PVP, so actually the wild camp opposite and all kinds of outside PVP has been weakened, Blizzard wants to through field battle, copies of awards, task design, etc to strengthen this kind of conflict again in Mists of Pandaria, but it seems to be less useful.

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