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How many awards have Guild Wars 2 received?

  Guild wars 2 has been launched since 2007. From then on, it has won a lot of prizes. But how many awards have Guild Wars 2 received in hell? Let us walk into the world created by Guild Wars 2, and have a look.

  Before Guild Wars 2 was been released officially, Guild Wars 1 have gathered high popularity for it. Therefore, a lot of MMO players focused their eyes on Guild Wars 2 before it born. It won the Most Expected Award from Massive Online, MMOCrunch, and The Ton Hammer respectively.

  After Guild Wars 2 being released officially, it created miracle again and again, the number of members breaking three million in four months. Hence, Time, a famous magazine, gave the Best Game Award in 2012 to it. Besides, IGN also gave the Best PC MMO Game in 2012 to it. They though that Guild Wars 2 is the best online game not only in its wonderful pictures but also in its miracle story. IGN added that the system of Guild Wars 2 gold designed better than before, so it is attractive.

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