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How to exchange gems of Guild Wars 2 gold?

  Guild Wars 2 gold, of course, is the focus for hundreds and thousands of Guild Wars 2 players, for Guild Wars 2 is the basic currency in the game. Owning Guild Wars 2 gold means everything, such as items, equipment and weapons. However, how to get Guild Wars 2 gold if you possess a number of gems?

  In fact, the exchange of them is so easy that you can get it in a minute.

  On the top left corner of screen, there a list-board. You should find the column that is marked with Black Lion Company. Click it, and then you can read a ratio. Fill the number of gem you want to exchange in that small column, and you will find that the number of Guild Wars 2 gold would appeared on another small column.

  In addition, recent conversion ratios between gems and Guild Wars 2 gold would be presented on it. Reading them, players may have a clear understanding on the ratio, and help players make a right decision before making exchange.

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