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How to get Dye in Guild Wars 2?

  Dye is an important thing during playing Guild Wars 2, but how to get it easily?

  Players can use 11 colors at the beginning of the game. These colors are different in every race. With the process of the game, more colors will release accordingly. Some colors are rare (for example, 'middle class' of "pure black"). There are hundreds of colors, and to unlock is based on the account rather than character (that's to say, a role of an account has unlocked a dye color, all roles in this account can use the dye color). At present, there are a total of 254 colors can be chosen.

  Players can only use "original color" at the beginning of the game. The initial color also differs in terms of the role of races. When players continue to play the game, they can get dye through the following ways:

  1. Purchase the dye color from Gem store by costing 200 Guild Wars 2 gold

  2. Take the colorful seeds of dyes to manufacturer or housekeeper

  3. Get the dye randomly by fighting boss outside

  There are 400 kinds of different color dye in game. These dyes unlocked can only apply to a single role and cannot be shared with other roles within the same account. You may see dyes list in the hero panel.

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