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How to make your Guild Wars 2 gold news to be included in Google faster?

  According to the Forbes magazine reported, generally speaking, when reading a news, the selecting sequence for news readers is first to select publications, and then skim through the news headlines which they are interested in.

  However, Google has changed the traditional selecting sequence through its Google news sites. Google information gathered news headlines from many sources; and categorizing the similar stories according to the personal interest of every reader and then displays this information for each reader.

  So if you want to make your news collected by Google, first you may make your news headline unique and make sure the information you're showing is the latest. And then the Google will categorizing its into the sort which belongs to, such as when you submit a news about Guild Wars 2 gold introduction, Google will put it into the games sort by its computer analysis, when someone searching the news of Guild Wars 2 gold introduction, your news will be showed in the line.

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