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How to upgrade your ascended armor?

  Many people often ask such question:" How to make my ascended armor to be what I want?" in Guild Wars 2. Today, we are having a general discussion on this issue.

  On one hand, some players hold that they rather like the gender specific armors in the game. As it's not realistic for men and women to have the similar styles, female bodies do not have the same physical structures. Historically, armor had to be sized and fitted to accommodate the wearer.

  Some players think that the female characters do not have to wear such revealing armor, but revealing or not, I feel that female and male genders need separate armor skins.

  If you would like your ascended armor to be introduced slowly over time, and be very difficult to attain rapidly. Maybe there merely be an upgrade to your current armor if you would like it to have no skin whatsoever.

  And with full ascended gear and matching infusions the lvl 35-40ish fractals that are now considered very difficult become around the same difficulty as a lvl 10 is now, and that it lvl 75-80 fractals become sort of defect "elite areas" where you could find the elite skins. Or you may also cost some Guild Wars 2 gold to buy the ascended armor you like from the gem store.

  On the other hand, if you want to upgrade your ascended armor, these three rules for designing ascended armor you should know:

  Absolutely No Trenchcoats

  Absolutely No Buttcapes

  Absolutely No Ginormous Skirts

  Only armor designs that pass those 3 rules may then be considered as possible candidates for ascending armor.

  Personality, I would like to see more armor that is tailored toward real exemplifying each profession. If ascended stuff is the way we end up getting that then so be it, but I just want it in the game.

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