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How to win Guild Wars 2 and TteSPORTS Giveaway ?

  Guild Wars 2 has given no monthly fees before, and they have also held that Gems can be changed by Guild Wars 2 Gold. Now they are giving away free copies! Just join in the event where you can obtain one of the following prizes:

  5 x Guild Wars 2 Retail Copies

  1 x TteSPORTS Azurues Mini Gaming Mouse

  1 x TteSPORTS Knucker Gaming Keyboard

  1 x TteSPORTS Shock Gaming Headset

  Steps for you to take part in as follows:

  First, you need to register on Gamersbook and edit your profile(which including your name, surname, avatar, country and so on.)

  Second, you may need to add Guild Wars 2 to your Games list and become a fan of ArenaNet and NCSOFT.

  Third, you may be like Guild Wars 2 on Facebook, Gamersbook, TteSports & Guild Wars 2. Then introduce this giveaway by sharing or retweeting it to your friends.

  Fourth, pls let Guild Wars 2 know that why you should be selected as a winner of Guild Wars 2 copies & TteSPORTS products by submitting a comment at gamersbook.com!

  Come and join now, to be the lucky one!

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