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Is the new update of Guild Wars 2 worth your money?

  Guild Wars 2 has released its latest update of Last Stand at Southsun on May 28th. This new update has brought a large number of changes and adds some special items into the game.

  It is free for players to play once you've bought an account of Guild Wars 2. While the new WvW Match-up changes are available from yesterday, players can see their own server ranking in the leaderboards which sort by matchup.

  And there is skyhammer and the LFG Tool added into the game yet. These two tools have made a big difference for player to play in the game. They can enjoy a more interesting experience from this game.

  A lot of rewards are given to the player. They can gain them after finished some contents. Or they may also buy some items from the store by some Guild Wars 2 gold.

  Despite there is something not completely, Guild Wars 2 are still facing with some difficult to be solved. Good living story and great achievements are so amazing for players to join in the game.

  For these players who never played Guild Wars 2, I think the best way for them to gain a high level in a short time or have a better time in the game is to join with their friends in the same guild. They will follow the others to finish the contents, or they may ask for a level power, which will help them get a high level faster.

  Up to now, there are a large number of players who have reached 80s, but not all of them have experienced the whole stories in gaming. They may act as a character in the game, and explore some areas in the map, but almost no one who have experienced the whole areas in the game.

  Each place has a different content for players to explore, so if you are a Guild Wars 2 fun, do not forget to play another character in the game to explore a new area of the game, then you may get another feeling from here.

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