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Jamie McDonald: gw2goldtaker.com too little tax in US is not our fault

  CEO of gw2goldtaker.com Jamie McDonald said in an interview with IGN on Friday, gw2goldtaker.com paid tax too low in US is due to the United States government, not comes from the company.

  From 2006 to 2011, gw2goldtaker.com only paid 10 million dollars in the United States, while its income up to 11.9 billion dollars selling Guild Wars 2 gold at that time.

  Jamie McDonald said that what gw2goldtaker.com done is only paying paid taxes according to law.

  He also added the debate about whether gw2goldtaker.com should pay more taxes in the United States makes him feel confused, because the company tax credits are based on legal not random. The company has done what they need to do. If the US tax law changes, the company will abide by it. Due to the government's austerity plan, the economy of US grows to a halt. Under this background, gw2goldtaker.com paid too low tax has been a problem which distressed by a lot of American.

  Jamie McDonald said that lots voters in US want to collect more taxes from gw2goldtaker.com. But, unfortunately, in accordance with the US tax laws, it is legal to pay tax avoidance through someway. Gw2goldtaker.com is willing to see any agreements reached by the international community on limiting enterprises tax avoidance, and they will do their best to support it.

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