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John Corpening on the new changes of ratings system

  John Corpening has made a statement on the new changes of the coming ratings system; all players can enter into the game, and with some Guild Wars 2 gold to experience the wonderful game.

  Players who have played Guild Wars 2 know that players need some time to have a rest between them playing in WVW and PVP, and to continue to play their personal story line or explore the variety world, and to reach the top of the ranking at last. In order to offer a fair treatment for all players in the ranking, Guild Wars 2 has done some adjustment, a small part of ratings will based on your total number entered into the game, and the data will be statistics to you till the last battle.

  Ranking on this list will change with the player's active, if the players don't often take part in the game recently then they will slowly drop, and that also offer more opportunities to other active players for highly ranked. When an inactive player decided to return to the game, their ratings will be restored, once they start the game, their rankings will be adjusted to the position as before.

  In addition, we have done some modification on the rating system, in order to prevent the ratings often fluctuations; reduce the rate of new players with experienced team. We will continue to monitor the rating system, and make corresponding adjustments, to make it more suitable for the experience of each player.

  Guild Wars 2 has done so many changes in game to meet the demand of players, as we know, there are still some places and systems should be make better, but please leave your advises to us on the feedback or submit your suggestions in the forum. You are welcomed to join with others into our game, have your time here!

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