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Less dependent on network, we will sleep better

  Modern media has become indispensable to human beings due to its large amount of information, easy to use, interactive entertainment and so on. But once the "helper" become "master", Internet will bring an unbelievable dangerous for people. The main appearance is probably affected our sleep and even health.

  Time spending on the Internet for many people is far more than which on social networking, entertainment & leisure, communication with the family, what's more, it has also driven our working and sleeping away. Looking around the crow, we may see that these people are playing their phone or pad no matter where they are.

  It has become a fashion trend for students in college, workers in office to spend their time playing phones, pad or online games. Because we need to bear the heavier abandon from the society, school, or our work. We want to relax at our spare time, watching TV; playing games are the best way for us.

  As for me, I like to play Guild Wars 2 game at my spare time, I'll be the roles who I want to be, and forget everything unhappy in the real life. But the bad thing is that I have less sleep time after I played the game, and if I found that I have a fall into a deep emotional and psychological dependence on the Internet.

  I think a reasonable relax is necessary for us after work or class, but we need to manage good of our time and our mind to playing games, once we've fall into it, more time and much money spend on Guild Wars 2 gold will do a bad effect for us.

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