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Michael for Goldtake to own up to Guild Wars 2 gold cheating

  By Jamila Brown 05/03/13

  When interviewed the spokesman of Goldtake Michael about the cheating events of last week, Michael has silent for a moment, and then he goes on to say, " We are sorry for this accident we caused by, and we will responsible for any results brings." “We know that has done a bad effect on you, and we sincerely apology for this unconvinced. Guild Wars 2 gold cheated in the site was done by hackers, but now we have to make it regular" he continued.

  I: Do you think this accident was framed by anyone intentionally?

  Michael: We admit that we did not do our job perfect, so that part of the reason that the site was hacked.

  I: How much does your company have lost from this accident?

  Michael: Up to now, we have lost for almost $50 million, and we are doing our best to reduce the money loss.

  I: Will you take some method to protect the site more safety?

  Michael: Of course, we have to do so.

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