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New legendary weapons will be added into Guild Wars 2

  “We still plan to do both new legendary weapons, as well as a clear path(on top of the current random chance) to gain precursors with players can see their progress and understand hoe much work they have left to do to gain it.” said Colin Johanson, a game director for Guild Wars 2 a few days ago on Guild Wars 2 formal forum.

  It is a piece of good news for hundreds and thousands of players, because more weapons can be selected by players instead of just only several pieces.

  Besides, those new legendary weapons are helpful with getting Guild Wars 2 gold, for their some new attributes, such as more powerful, aggressively, and faster. Therefore, it is so wonderful to add new legendary weapons.

  In additional, to make or get these new legendary weapons is not too difficult to drive you away. What you need to do is just to collect things according to the prompts.

  Colin Johanson added that it is highly like the precursor concept will involve playing varied different content all over the game. And players also show their strong expectation to it.

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