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No more waiting for Guild Wars 2 gold buyer, says Goldtaker

  Gw2goldtaker.com expressed that there will be no more waiting for Guild Wars 2 gold; the site announced that they have added a new system of "delivery on time", and all items will be delivered by machine.

  As an online gold supplier, delivery speed is acting an important role during the shopping. Gw2goldtaker has collected suggestions from customers and have developed the new system for several times.

  Instead of waiting for the shipper to delivery the items, we always need to wait for 10-15 minutes once we have made our order, and sometimes the item we bought was out of stock, and the customer’s service did not remind us on time, we may feel so annoying. But now, the "delivery on time” can send the Guild Wars 2 gold to us automatically, and once the item we select is not in stock, the system will remind you that " Sorry, the good you choose is out of stock now, pls wait for a moment or change for another one."

  This use of the new system has brought buyers more convenient and save the time for the shipper. It is thought to be the first humanized system.

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