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Online games will be the largest commercial breakthrough of twitter?

  When talked about the issues of twitter commercial, chairman of Goldtaker Charles Ammon has pointed out about it in the global mobile Internet conference in 2013 today that the mobile social games may be the commercialization of the largest breakthrough in twitter. "And we will not do any exchange in the game itself, because twitter is planning to make an open platform especially for games, and a lot of partners will be invited to join in with us."

  Whether in the PC or the mobile terminal, game is the best business to make money. Along with the maturity of the mobile Internet, mobile phone games on the impact of the Internet gaming are also starting to show.

  As a wide social platform, twitter has owned a large amount of users. Following the twitter, more and more online games are added every now and then. That also brings twitter become a platform of commercial and entertainment. For example, if you want to play a MMO on your mobile outside, then you may just open your twitter account and click the game button to choose a game such as Guild Wars 2 to join in, or you may buy Guild Wars 2 gold by your mobile when you in lacking of them. That's so easy, yeah?

  So I think online games will be the largest commercial breakthrough of twitter, and there are lots of things we need to do.

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