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Play Guild Wars 2 on mobile? Android brings you surprise

  One of the pressing problems facing our Guild Wars 2 online game today is whether it should transfer into mobile games. Nowadays, mobile games are become a trend for games, mobile games are becoming more convenient; it is a good thing to play Guild Wars 2 on iphone, Android or ipad.

  GameString has demonstrated on Google TV for playing Guild Wars 2 by using streaming cloud, since Guild Wars 2 is a PC game which designed with keyboard, it is available to play in Google TV, but can it be used for ipad or smartphone?

  Of course, GameString has brought Guild Wars 2 into Android system, and build a set of UI adapt to the touch displays.

  And it is operated into use by some mobile phone companies; players can play Guild Wars 2 by phone anywhere.

  The whole process of playing Guild Wars 2 by phone is the same as by computer. You can continue to play the content you did not finish in the computer by phone, and also can buy Guild Wars 2 gold or selling Guild Wars 2 items by phone. In some case, content will be stopped and you cannot come back in the game, but mobile games can make you difference.

  In today's life, people are busy with their work; they do not have enough time to have a good relax after work. And some of them tried to do some exercises at home. Then a mobile game gives them a choice to have a rest at that time. So if you feel boring to wait long for the bus, or have nothing to do after supper, then just have your mobile to play a game. You cannot only relax yourself, but also have fun from that.

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