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Players discuss: Whether WVW should open on time?

  The topic of “whether WVW should be opened on time" is underling discussing in the official website.

  With all kinds of reasons, the WVW is available for all day is to adapt to the time difference between US and European players, and that also brings some classics battles.

  As the Chinese players are playing at the same time, whether there will open the WVW?

  Currently battlefield has four world maps. Battlefield, eternal and three servers map of their own.

  There are four levels of facilities in all:

  1, The big castle is in the center of the eternal battle.

  2, Nine little castles distributed in each map, 3 eternal battlefields, and 2 battlefields each other.

  3, 24 towers, including 12 eternal battles and four battle each other.

  4, There are 21 points, 9 blockhouses.

  Personality, I think it is reasonable to keep the same time, and we can set free of war time for castles in 1, 2, while in 3, 4, there has no free time. The castle offers free war time from Monday to Friday, from evening 0.am to 9. am. And then weekend free war time is from 1 pm to 8 am.

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