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Players focus on Guild wars 2’s new features

  Recently, a press conference on Guild war 2 was put together in New York. A lot of gaming enterprises took part in. And the biggest focus is on Guild wars 2’s new features, which attracted much eye-sight.

  ArenaNet’s vice president, Randy Price, as the host of this press conference, showed all of us the new features of Guild wars 2.

  “Challenging the traditional rules of MMO is the focus of ArenaNet.” said Randy Price. So they have been developing Guild wars 2. To create a more real world, ArenaNets make a lot change to improve Gulild wars 2, including collecting advise from players.

  Another feature is that each player own his unique biography,which make it differ from other games, for the character you act as is a real life instead of a virtual hero. Players can design his characters and other things except for his appearance.

  Besides, Randy Price also mentioned that there was still much shortness in Guild wars 2, like the shortages of Guild wars 2 gold.

  After this press conference, player is keen on ArenaNet developing stronger games.

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