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Players spend almost $ 200 per month on Guild Wars 2 gold, study says

  Looking around your friends, how many people who have spent their spare time on playing online games? And were they paid for these games or some items which needed in game?

  The answer may vary because more and more people choose to play an online game when they got out of their work. And it is a good way for them to have relaxed on both body and mind. When asked about how much you spent on Guild Wars 2 gold or items, some of my friends said that they do not remember the exact number, but there may be over $ 200 per month at least.

  A new study from the US Guild Wars 2 players, it has made a record of 15000 Guild Wars 2 players of how much did they spend on the game. The result shows that average $ 200 per month needed to spend for Guild Wars 2 players. Even though some of them are far more than $200 a month, because they always spend money on buying some special wears to make their character lovelier, or to buy some stronger weapons to get a higher level in a short time.

  The study does not delve into how much money each player spends on, because it is all depend on the different people.

  We do not say it is a good or bad thing to spend money on playing Guild Wars 2. Online games are popular as a causal activity for players to enjoy themselves in game. What's more, they can do help for the games industry and also improve the economy.

  Playing online games after work is an easy and good way for us to have fun. We also do not need to spend much money on it.

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