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Poll: Do you support Guild Wars 2 items listed on gold sellers’ site?

  Gem Store has brought much more items for Guild Wars 2 gold, citizen clothes, mini pets, character's weapons. But also some players complain that the prices of items are a bit higher in Black Lion trade.

  Gw2glodtaker.com Chief Designer Ben Simmons said that: “If impossible, we are going to add the items into our site for sale, and all items listed are sure to offer cheaper price than in gem store."

  As the price has become a big problem for gem store, maybe gw2goldtaker.com will replace on it. That seems to be a good thing for our players, but the sales of gem store will surely be decreased. Do you think it is necessary for gw2goldtaker.com to offer cheaper items for players?

  A: Yes

  B: No

  All items sold on gem store are not a good thing, and if the gw2goldtaker.com can do good to offer items for a lower price, then the two companies would be competitively and will do better.

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