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Poll: Which way do you prefer Guild Wars 2 charges for?

  Topic - about fees

  Guild Wars 2 China server beta was opened on May 2, no specific way to charge the game was released in the first test. Here we are guessing that which way they will charge for:

  A: "Guild Wars 2 gold point card + props"

  B: "monthly fee + props" or "monthly fee and point card coexist"

  C: "Outright Purchases + point card + props"

  D: "Free + props"

  So what do you think Guild Wars 2 will run in what way to charge for? Is it possible to free? Are there any innovation initiatives?

  Welcome to vote what you think, you may also comment on our topic for which charging mode will implement.

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  5-10 kumar value awards is available if you are participation in reply effective (for the best reply you will get GB reward)

  You can get more reward with great reply contents!

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