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PVP, PVE, WVW—which one would you prefer in Guild Wars 2?

  As we all know, PVP is player vs. players. PVE means players vs. environment, and WVW short for world vs. world.

  Difference among them, in a word is that players act as different characters, and defeat with different enemies which perhaps are a players same as you, or a team, or the monsters and beaters in the game.

  Each of them has its own distinguishing features, but for different players, choosing one of them means you choose different ways to play.

  Creker, one of senior players, has played Guild Wars 2 since the day it launched. As a big fan of Guild Wars 2, he has a voice in this question. And he played under the three models once. He thinks that in fact PVE, PVP, and WVW are all the same, just varies in the opponent. Therefore, it is need to be entangled with what model you should choose. Just follow you heart.

  However, in different pattern, the number of Guild Wars 2 gold you get is not probably the same, so players should pay attention on it.

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