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Report: Guild Wars 2 micro film to open in May 30

  Guild Wars 2 Chinese servers microfilm will hit theaters at the end of May 30, 2013, according to Gw2goldtaker.com. The microfilm is based on the story of legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2, which talks about gain approaches of six lodestones and the price in charge of lodestone.

  This microfilm is focused on the price in charge lodestone, which made a lot of players scared. And the developer of this microfilm Ian Jopson said that what they do is to show players different systems in the game, and gameplays, PVP, WVW and others. They are continuing to make some changes in this game and would like to hear suggestions from players.

  We guess this microfilm will be a start to communicate with players, and Guild Wars 2 development teams should do more to meet the demand of Guild Wars 2 players.

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