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Richard Hayees who sold Guild Wars 2 gold illegally, sentenced to 3 years for fraud

  By Susan Calaciura 05/03/13

  New York—A judge on Tuesday sentenced a man who sold Guild Wars 2 gold illegally to 3 years in jail, and that shocked many people.

  Richard Hayees made an estimated 100 million dollars from the sales of Guild Wars 2 gold, and we all know that Guild Wars 2 gold is allowed in the market, but make the gold with robots are not allowed by the law. Because it has broken the industry requirements, and brought a terrible effect on the game market.

  "Your fraudulent conduct in selling so much Guild Wars 2 gold illegally promoted a false sense of society and also caused the market operation into confusing." Empson told Richard Hayees," You have neither insight, shame nor any sense of remorse."

  In fact, Richard Hayees's action has done a bad effect on the globe game industry and also breaking the law.

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