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Several tips for Chinese players before playing Guild Wars 2

  If you want to gain a high points in game or level fast to reach 80, you may follow with our guide below, it will help you anyway:

  1. You'll give a box like daily task everyday once you reached over level 30 from the WvW, some yellow items can be gained from this box; while you can only open the box itself once a day before level 30.

  2. Experiences get from the events has little relationship with the events. It is mainly due to your role's level. It is not a difficult job for the new players to reach level 80.

  3. Monsters fall is directly connected to your character relationship, so it is not a bug when you get equipment for 80.

  4. All Fun Jump can go to open the treasure box for once everyday. The item level is associated with your character level.

  5. You'd better prepare equipment of power, tenacity and vigour if you want to fight in WVW.

  6. The first test of China server may be not continued to the last edition, so you need to adjust your upgrading strategy from both equipment acquisition or level access to the next test.

  7. You can gain experience to save other players in PVE.

  8. Elements and engineer are unable to switch weapons. But a variety of toolkit and element coordinate to provide you with enough skill.

  9. Guardian is the most hard career, but it has the least healthy in all occupationals.

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