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Take a peek at what players’ comments on Last Stand at Southsun

  Guild Wars 2 has opened its latest update of Last Stand at Southsun on May 28th; plenty of players have played it yet. And here let's have a look at what they think about this new update:

  Some players said highly praise of this new update; they called this update as a "wonderful change" in the history of Guild Wars 2. Because there is so much content in the update, and even added some rewards in the game. There are good contents for our players to explore such as: The sequel to the refugees is still here for players. They can make a story wholly by talking with all the characters and NPC's.

  While some players have the different view, they do not think it is a good update at this time. Because the solo garbage are so boring for players to continuing play this game.

  NathanH.1465 has expressed his disappointment in Guild Wars 2 official forums:


  I don't like the Southsun updates. Problems I'm having with it:

  The story goes from: "We are relocating people to an island where the animals are more aggressive"… to… "We found out who is behind it and have him trapped in a corner.”

  So why am I there again? Just for demining the room?

  My conditions don't work, but the 'poison mine' does it's job nicely? Where is that logic? (My main is a condition Negro)

  As a Necro I don't have "easy" access to stable and that means I get knocked around by Canach pretty easily and usually get kicked into a mine and before I can get up, he's already attacking again. (Sometimes even with a 2nd knockback. Into another mine).

  It's already bad enough that the last patch didn't fix any of (major) issues (just fixes for tooltips that nobody reads), now I'm starting to get the feeling that (If I don't want to miss out in the feature) I better have a lvl80 DPS warrior/guardian ready to play with.

  On 1 hand I like trying to get some of the achievements, but on the other hand… what with the people who will join in this game in a few months? Do we have to tell that they are "too late for some of the achievements?"

  If you ask me whether the new update good or not, I do not know. I think that’s all depending on your own feeling. If you do not ever play it yet, how can you know whether it is a good one?

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