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The fair distribution of Guild Wars 2 gold

  A few days ago, ArenaNet showed us the economic data on Guild Wars 2 gold.

  Most of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of a small percentage of people in real world as well as in game world.

  However, compared with the distribution of wealth among Americans in real world, the distribution of Guild Wars 2 wealth seems to be fairer, which should be expected by a lot of people.

  According to the data, more than eighty-five percent Guild Wars 2 gold are possessed by almost fifty percent players. While, in the real world, a large percentage of wealth is taken charge by just twenty percent Americans, according to the reporter released in 2007.

  ArenaNet said that the economic system in Guild Wars 2 just walked out for a few steps, and they would try their best effort to keep balance in Guild Wars 2 gold in the future.

  It is a good phenomenon for hundreds and thousands of Guild Wars 2 players, because of the fair is still kept in Guild Wars 2 world.

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