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The price of Guild wars be lowered by ArenaNet

  Recently, ArenaNet, the company which launched Guild wars 2, has made a decision to permanently lower the price point for Guild Wars 2. The game previously sold for sixty dollars for the Digital Edition and eighty dollars for the Deluxe Edition. Both of those prices are being lowered by ten dollars. This is not a sale, but the new regular price of the game. ArenaNet expects that this change will bring in new players and make the game more accessible.

  Content releases in Guild Wars 2 continue apace. Since launch, we've seen a handful of special events alongside one-time content, persistent content, and added features.

  On the other hand, this decision did not affect Gw2goldtakaker’s sales. Its sales are up, especially, in the aspect of Guild wars 2 gold.

  While, some Guild wars 2’s players made comment on it that:”Lowering by ten dollars does nothing for me. Twenty dollars lower would have definitely made me consider purchasing the game but I guess now I'll just wait till it lowers down to twenty dollars like I did with Guild Wars. No rush especially since TESO and WildStar are coming out soon.” But to those Guild wars 2’s fans, it is a breaking new. It is enough to lower ten dollars, even though the price hasn’t any change.

  Besides, we should notice that it is make any change to Guild wars 2 gold.

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