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The ratios of methods to get Guild Wars 2 gold

        Recently, ArenaNet published the statistics they collected before. From it, we can know what players are interested in.Among these statistics, Guild Wars 2 gold, of course, is the focus one.

        According the reporter, we can see that over eighty percent of Guild Wars 2 gold were gathered by the method of imploring or achieving goals, which reflects the principle of Guild Wars 2—encourage Guild Wars 2 players to implore. While, the ratio of killing the monster to pick up Guild Wars 2 gold dropped from monsters is twelve percent. And the least rate—one percent—to get Guild Wars 2 gold is exchanging of anything else things, such as gems and boxes.

       ArenaNet make comment that the statistics just show the ratios of methods to get Guild Wars 2 gold.  They added that: “We monitor the information, at the aim of deciding how to balance the economy in Guild Wars 2 through it. Statistical figure just shows how income method affect the economic system, but not to show players’ action during the time of game.”

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