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US players hope to see a health Guild Wars 2

  Guild Wars 2 is an online game which developed by ArenaNet, and it has released its beta to US, Europe and China. According to the media, the game was praised by the top listed in MMORPG.COM, and is designed to be the largest MMORPG better than World of Warcraft.

  The goal of this game is to offer a world of amazing stories for players to explore. All the players can act as any race or character to enjoy the different experience in game. That just likes a battlefield for all players to fight against and win the rewards according to their effect.

  Unlike World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 has paid more attention to the living stories and skills in game. And it comes with new changes and updates for the game month, the developers of Guild Wars 2 believe that players can get a special experience in it.

  But the only bad thing is that there has appeared something unhealthy, a player has posted that he has seen a molesting happened in the game. And that's made him so embarrassing.

  So we think ArenaNet must be sure to forbid that thing happens again, because not all the players are adults, there are still some students played this game. Guild Wars 2 should keep a healthy game environment for all players to have their time in gaming. What's more, the security of Guild Wars 2 accounts are also very important, we guys should take care of our accounts to be safe when buying Guild Wars 2 gold or items from other stores.

  If players wants to have a health game environment, first of all, we should be good manners in game; and second, all the Guild Wars 2 gold suppliers should ensure the safe of our accounts; at last, we hope ArenaNet can make their best to avoid this bad thing happens again.

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