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What a Guild Wars 2 player think about this game

  Guild wars 2 the upgrade version of GW1, some living stories will be continuing to appear in GW2. Continued with the good aspects in GW1, Guild Wars 2 has developed the story and added more interesting contents in game.

  Guild Wars 2 has updating and optimization in equipment, game content are fun, it is not boring to fight against the boss and to upgrade, it has a plenty of interesting tasks and dynamic activities, eight professionals are balanced well, each class is worth you to experience.

  Charging mode

  US charging methods: severance + mall

  Guild Wars 2 is easy for both new players or old players, raiding system are replaced by mini pet system.

  Skin items listed on the Black lion company

  Guild Wars 2 will come with new clothes, toys, dyes and so on, you may purchase them by gem store.

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