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What about STOG of Guild Wars 2?

Some hours earlier, ArenaNet announced some previews about the state of the game coming soon. Here are some changes about the 8 classes in Guild Wars 2:

Elementalist:  Ride Of The Lighting gets 20s CD when hit target, 40s CD without hitting target; Slot skills couldn’t be used any more when Mist Form active;

Engineer: Basic healing of Healing Turret will be cut down by some rates, and Overcharge might be buff, Passive Healing will be strengthened and be able to remove conditions. Slot Skills couldn’t be used either when Mist Form active;

Guardian: there aren’t much changes on Guardians, but only damages on some skills might be recounted;

Mesmer: In sPvP, all the Puzzling and Revenging conditions would be reset, it was said 50% off (in T/SPVP); You could spell MOA when moving, and the range of skill5 in this form would be shortened; All Mantra skills will be shortened to 2s spelling time; Illusion of life will be entended by some seconds; 

Necromancer: In DS form, Necromancer could gain a condition of this class only, (unknown about the details though); Claws gain more HP; AI of Claws’ would be strengthened completely; It seems Necromancer would be much more powerful;

Ranger: Power AI of companions’, Skill2, and ability of surviving;

Thief: MUG couldn’t get critical hit but gain 2000+HP and increasing with the gears; Skill S/D flanking Strike could gain some BOON or even all BOON, for example, the enemies got 25 Might, and Gw2 gold players could gain all of it on your own, isn’t it great?

Warrior: Adrenal Reserves and Quick burst would be combined, and a new stats on, named Boon Hate, +3% Attack speed; Signet of Might could bring Warrior 3 times attack that could be blocked when active.

There would be more in details soon. Focus on!
Good Luck:)!

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