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What are the best PvP profession?

What profession do you think is the best PvP profession? I have asked some of my friends about it. 

Some guys think that mesmer must be the best one, because you can do all you can, a nice burst and one of the best evade mechanics they believe that a very skillful mesmer would be able to kill and not be killed to any other class.

And some others may like guardian more, as it can bunker, but so can other professions, elementalist, engineer and mesmer being good examples. Any profession can fulfill almost any role, you may select what you like to play it.

Personality, I think that mesmers and elementalists may be good for playing 1v1; If you play for 5v5, every class has something to offer, victory or defeat it' s entirely up to the players; otherwise, for WvWvW it depends whether you want to solo roam or zerg: inside zergs every build has a role and as long as you don' t build useless stuff you are good to go, for solo roaming/small groups due to their burst and escaping abilities thieves are the kings with eles close second. 

If you have any other ideas about this topic, pls comment on it. We would like you share your views together. 

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