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What do players buy from auction house with Guild Wars 2 gold?

  As the basic currency, Guild Wars 2 gold is so important that can exchange of any things, such as items, equipment, and weapons and materials.

  So, if you take charge of a large amount of Guild Wars 2 gold, what would you buy?

  The Guild Wars 2 trade station is cross-server, and all players can make transaction through it. According to investigation made by Gw2goldtaker, the proportion of the purchase from auction house is unbalanced.

  Purchasing weapons is twenty percent, which is more five percent than buying armor. And the largest proportion is manufacturing material, whose number is forty-six percent. While, the thing which players buy least is package, the ratio of which is only five percent.

  The figures show that what is more important in Guild Wars 2, which can be guidance for many freshmen.

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