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What we know about the quick way to make Guild Wars 2 gold?

  The issue of how to make Guild Wars 2 gold quickly is hot discussed in the Guild Wars 2 forums.

  And this question may also confuse you. Here I'll give you some guide which you may follow with me.

  From my experience, I've been farming Citaldel of Flames Path 1 every 30 minutes or so for 69 tokens and half a gold or more. If you are over level 70, you can change the tokens to a vendor and can be salvaged from a chance at ectoplasm. 1g per 10 minutes you will earn. But no matter you have switched characters or not, you must wait for 30 minutes in between runs or there's a reduced reward. Or you can still be fairly effective even if you just run for Guild Wars 2 gold without regard for the tokens.

  And there's another to make money fast, you may do with your legendary to make money if you are willing.

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