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Why are people working in Guild Wars 2 gold industries fatter than others?

  A survey shows that the people who worked in a games gold company are fatter than those in other industries. And that may be mainly due to several reasons:

  1. Standing for a long time at the desk

  All the employees in the Guild Wars 2 gold trading company are working in an office. They need to finish their work by using the computer for at least 8 hours.

  2. Lack of enough exercise

  Most of the employees in the company do not like to take exercise after work. They may stand in front of the computer after lunch or supper. And without enough exercise, they will get fatter with time goes by. So in order to keep a good health, we must take some exercise everyday.

  3. With overload work

  Workers in the games company need to work by shift, always they need to work under heavy abandonment and some female may smoking or drink that lead to the problem of fatter.

  4. Do not keep close to the health of our body

  We most do not know how to keep a balance diet everyday. For most people, they always eat something rich of energy and sugar to eat once we get hungry. But with too much energy and sugar, we may get fatter.

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