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Why do items for sale not show up?

  Some players play Guild Wars 2 game is just for fun, while some others may for making money. They always sell the items for some Guild Wars 2 gold, and with that they could buy the weapons which they want. Recently, a player said that he has bought some items so that he could sell them and make a profit from it. But what's a pity; he cannot see anything for sale showing up on the TP after he put them listed. At first, the price of his list is the highest, and the items were not seen. But then, he begins to sell the items at a lower price, what's worse, the items still were not here.

  However, this happened not just once . So I try to find what is it results in this solution. At last, I find that the TP can only show the 20 cheapest sell offers. If your offer isn't one of those, it won't show up. 

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