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Will Guild Wars 2 permanent price drops affect the economy?

  From the latest news, we know that Guild Wars 2 has offered a low price to thanks for Guild Wars 2 players and to attract more players join into play it. Now the Standard Edition is offering with the price of $39.99, while Digital Deluxe is $49.99.

  Guild Wars 2 has released no more than one year, and the ArenaNet are continuing to release new changes and content for this game. It has introduced the events of Halloween, Lost Shores and Wintersday, Super Adventure Box, and also coming with some interesting living stories like The Frost & Frame, The secret of Southsun and so on.

  It is good news for players to buy the game. Price of $49.99 or $39.99 is acceptable for any people. Here we may confuse that once Guild War 2 is selling for such a low price, how can ArenaNet make money from this game and will they provide a major investment in human and material resources.

  As we all know, the game company can gain profits from the game itself, or other items trading in a game like Guild Wars 2 gold and items. They are releasing all kinds of clothes in the store for players to purchase. That will also help them get some revenue for the company.

  Even though the company has dropped the price of selling the game version, while items such as mini pets, some citizen's clothes and weapons are all chargeable for players. If you want to make your character beautiful, then you need to wear some beautiful clothes to make up. And for the players who want to get a higher level in a short time, some skills should help them, then they should pay some Guild Wars 2 gold for these weapons or arms to stronger their capacity.

  All these are needed to pay for a fee in game, so we cannot say that Guild Wars 2 permanent price drops will affect the economy because the company can make money from other aspects.

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