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Will The Retribution brings Guild Wars 2 gold a sales peak?

  Guild Wars 2 Flame & Frost: The retribution was opened yesterday. Do you experience this amazing game yet? As we know from the game preview, this new release is full of surprise.

  I have logged into this game and played it for several hours, yeah, it is just what he said before. I have to say the living story is interesting so far, I think the Boss fight in that dungeon is the best of all dungeons, and I'm impressed by the boss encounters in this dungeon, as the entire dungeon was just a breeze anyway and seems to be impossible to die. Such as the first boss where they test the various weapons against you (flame waves, shock blasts, etc) was way too forgiving. You could stand there and get hit by everything and it wouldn't kill you. Apparently the last boss had a stacking enrage mechanic every time you got the other boss's health down by 25%. We didn't know that, but it didn't matter. The giant aoe blast with the fire circle had like an 8 second tell and was really the only thing you had to watch out for, other than the standard doesn't stand in the red circle mini game that takes place during every fight.

  But what makes me disappointed is the loot; I do not think it is a good work.

  With the success of this new release, over 800 million players have joined in the game so far. That also makes a big contribution for the sales of Guild Wars 2 gold. According to sales data of gw2goldtaker.com, it has reached $300 million from the Flame & Frost: The Razing. And the retribution is more welcomed and with more interesting in-game. Players are required to play together, so first thing they want to do is to stronger their characters. At that time, they need to buy Guild Wars 2 gold to make their roles full of energy.

  I think this month will be a peak, and will attack players more than before. With so many people in the game, that surely will bring Guild Wars 2 gold sales a peak.

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